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About us

“Viola Medtehnika”: we believe in beauty of your dreams!    

“Viola” – is the brand, which is widely known both as by its own production and the wide range of imported medical equipment of high quality. The company’s professional history dates back to 1988 and specialized in dental products realization and dental services providing. Joint Stock Company “Viola” was founded in 1995, and after the several reorganizations it gained the status of the limited liability company “Viola Medtehnika” and it had inherited all rights of the previous enterprises. 
Nowadays, over 26 years of experience, “Viola” is developing and future-oriented manufacturing and trading company with its distinctions, traditions and ambitions.
The company’s business line includes production of a large variety of medical equipment, apparatus, instruments, as well as it specializes in wholesale and retail of the medical equipment from other manufacturers.
Efficient activity is facilitated by the rational use of more than 6,000 square meters of industrial, storage, office and retail space. Our company effectively employs 250 staff members – they are the pride and core value of the company. Due to their creativity, professionalism and inspiration at work the company owes its success and stability.

At the present day, the enterprise production capacity includes:
      - The pre-production section with band saws, angle grinders, pipe and edge benders, a guillotine, a Trulaser CNC laser cutting system, a TRUMPF TruBend СNC hydraulic edge bending press and two laser plastic cutting systems
        - Turning and milling section with CNC equipment
        - 4 welding sections
        - 6 assembly sections
        - Powder coating automated line
        - Carpentry section
        - Soft elements production section and packaging department
 Engineering and technical potential are represented by:
        - Electronics Developers
        - Software Specialist
        - Designers
        - Product Engineer
        - Accredited Laboratory, which is an integral part of the production

The own production assortment is represented by:
Health Care Products of General Purpose:
        - Bactericidal Irradiators - 25 kinds
        - Sterile Boxes
        - Containers for Disinfection
        - Detergents and Disinfectants
        - Medical Furniture, more than 200 kinds
        - Specialist Seatings, 6 kinds
        - Medical Chairs, 12 kinds
        - Medical Benches, 8 kinds
        - Medical Beds, 18 kinds
        - Medical Trolleys, 20 kinds
        - Medical Banquettes, 14 kinds
        - Medical Tables and Medical Small Tables, 48 kinds
        - Medical Carts, 14 kinds
        - Medical Bed-side Tables, 7 kinds
        - Medical Cabinets, 10 kinds
        - Medical Stands, 10 kinds
        - Medical Screens 6 kinds
        - Medical Carriers, 4 kinds, and other Medical Furniture
We are constantly expanding the assortment of our medical furniture, considering the customers’ requirements for quality and design.
A special highlight is the high-tech products, made with the use of electronics and software, designed by “Viola” team, make indispensable contribution to the specialized fields of medicine. Among these products are:

        - Open Resuscitation Complex for premature babies nursing
        - Infant Phototherapy Equipment
        - Obstetric Bed
        - Gynecological Examination Chair
        - Gynecological Complex with Hysteroscopy

        Wide range of diathermocoagulators and electric knives (incl. radio wave ones), from low-powered (30-60 W) for dentistry to powerful combines (to 400 W), which excel the foreign analogs in a number of functional features and provide the whole electrosurgery requirements range.

      Otolaryngological Complexes, which contain video system, suction device, compressor, medical light, X-ray viewer, UF-sterilizer, irrigation system, otolaryngological chair and doctor’s chair.

Psoriasis Treating Apparatus are available in both variants as a cabin with software and as individual apparatus of different modifications.

Oxygen Terminals, we use components of European manufacturers in Oxygen Terminals’ production.

        - Dental Lights Units
        - Spittoon Units
        - Portable Attachment with/without Compressor
        - Surgical Lights, etc

The company also specializes on Detergents and Disinfectants developing.
Also we produce plastic medical devices, associated metal equipment and other non-serial units.

The company’s management plan is to develop the equipment for cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments and supplies; to produce the laboratory boxes, lightning equipment and design the new models of the already existing products.
All our products meet the requirements of safety and reliability; we use the constituent parts of more than 30 foreign suppliers in our production. Also, we import medical equipment for our commercial activity from 70 abroad partners.

The variety of our products is constantly growing. With the development of new technologies, automaticity and modernization “Viola Medtehnika” continues to create the new models and trends.

Production investments, resource management and continuous development are our major strategic concerns.

A significant part of import products is dental brands:

        Dentsply Sirona;
        Acteon (X-ray-equipment, France);
        Edenta (rotating elements, Switzerland);
        Simple and Smart (dental units, Italy);
        Neobiotech (dental implants, Italy);
        • Saeshin (dental units, Korea);
        • Woodpecker (dental apparatus, China);
        Biotech (scanners, France) and 20 other well-known suppliers.

We provide the complete range of products for Surgery, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Endoscopy, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Dentistry – starting from medical consumables, instruments, disinfectants, medical furniture to complex medical equipment.
The constant import ramp-up is a consequence of the responsible attitude to our customers’ requirements.

Our service department is an integral part of medical equipment supplying project realization. It promotes the support prestige and competitiveness of the company at the Ukrainian market. The service department consists of 12 electrotechnical engineers that are professionally trained in certain types of medical equipment. Many of them were trained on the factories and have relevant certificates, including all necessary permissions and licenses for the wide range activities and services performing. Efficient customer service is provided due to the strong production facility.
The company’s near-term plan is service department extension. We prepared 260 m2 of the base workshop to meet all the requirements and provide the best services from our competent and highly motivated employees.

The company’s near-term plan is service department extension. We prepared 260 m2 of the base workshop to meet all the requirements and provide the best services from our competent and highly motivated employees.

The company is cooperative both for foreign and national partners.

The geography of suppliers of medical equipment and medical supplies numbers about 30 partners from Europe, and more than 40 concluded contracts with the manufacturing companies from Asian countries.

More than 20 companies have been staying the reliable partners for 15 years, appreciating mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company “Viola Medtehnika” confidently occupies the leading positions on the Ukrainian market, due to the own production and imported equipment increasing. The distinctive feature of our activity is that we offer a wide range of high quality medical products and supplies in different medical fields.

A wide range of medical products in our warehouses indicates the stability and reliability of the company and promotes efficiency and responsibility in work with partners.

One of the main principles we follow in our business is to be closer to the direct consumer.

“Viola Medtehnika” works side by side with the scientific institutions, Poltava State Medical University, provides the complex equipment facilities of the medical establishments, by implementing the new developments and expanding the imported products range.


"The future belongs to those, who believe in beauty of their dreams."
                                                                                                          (Anna Eleanor Roosevelt)

We express profound gratitude to the head managers of health care institutions and all our partners, who having assessed the quality and functionality of our products, believe in scientific and production potential of the company “Viola Medtehnika” and their belief that the support of Ukrainian manufacturer and effective cooperation with the company is the considerable investment both in national economy development and in citizens’ health.


    Let’s develop the national medicine together!  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: +380 532 509 529, +380 503 057 360, rehabilitation@viola.net.ua,
«Viola Medtehnika» LLC, 15 Heroiv-Chornobyltsiv Str., 36039 Poltava city, Ukraine.